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Quick Win: LinkedIn Tips from Janet Kennedy

On today’s Quick Win from The Savvy Scribe, Janet Kennedy joins us to share a few tips on getting your LinkedIn profile up to speed.

Carol:                                00:00                   Hi everyone. Carol here, co-host of The Savvy Scribe podcast. I am so excited you all are making the time to join this episode today because there’s some great information that Janet Kennedy, the host of the Get Social Health podcast and also co-founder at the Healthcare Marketing Network is going to drop some really important information you won’t want to miss. We all know that the key to building a successful business is developing relationships, growing your business takes customers, mentors, peers, and LinkedIn is here to help too. Janet is going to share with you how to make your LinkedIn profile really work for you. Yes, she shares that most of us are really dropping the ball by not taking full advantage of our silent salesperson LinkedIn. It’s available 24-7 for lead generation. Janet, I’m excited to hear everything you have to say. So take it away.

Janet:                                01:14                   Welcome to The Savvy Scribe, a podcast for freelance healthcare and medical writers and creatives who want to grow their businesses, your host, Carol Bush and Janine Kelbach. We’ll cover a wide range of topics on writing, sales and managing freelance practice podcast episodes. We’ll feature interviews, inspiration, laughter, and important information to help healthcare, freelance writers, The Savvy Scribe is a production of the Healthcare Marketing Network. Now let’s join the conversation.

Janet:                                01:45                   Hi everybody. This is Janet Kennedy of the Get Social Health podcast just stepping into The Savvy Scribe to give you some savvy ideas about how you can make your LinkedIn profile really work for you. Now, be honest. When was the last time that you logged into LinkedIn and change anything on your profile? And I don’t mean just liking commenting and sharing content. I mean actually physically change something. Now, I will say that I teach that LinkedIn can be a set it and forget it, but to be honest, I’m only saying that to people who I know will never ever go back to LinkedIn until they have a major life change. Predominantly physicians or nurses, professionals for whom LinkedIn is not a daily part of their life. As many members of the Healthcare Marketing Network will tell you, they started their career as clinicians. So LinkedIn really wasn’t very important to them.

Janet:                                02:48                   But guess what? Now that they’re focusing on building a freelance career, this platform that they’ve sort of been keeping track of but not really checking into can now become a really important part of their success or failure as a writer. And one of the things I’d like to share with you today is that you’re dropping the ball and let me explain why LinkedIn actually works for you. 24 seven three 65 if you have optimized your profile, your going to come up in searches, you’re going to be able to more easily expand your network. And guess what? You can sell yourself without having to actually be there. I don’t know if you’ve ever heard this retail adage before, but assign is a silent salesperson. That’s why signage in retail stores is so important. So think about LinkedIn as the sign that’s going to lead people into your retail store.

Janet:                                03:50                   So when someone goes to your profile, what do they see? Is it that weird blue header with the little constellation looking connections? Or do you actually have an attractive header that tells people who and what you are? Now, I don’t mean a big Ole advertisement or a giant blown out of proportion logo. I need something that’s attractive and subtle, but tells people who and what you are. For instance today, and believe me, my head or could change tomorrow, but today if you went to my LinkedIn profile, you’d see that I have a very small but attractive logo for the Healthcare Marketing Network, a pretty photograph of a working space and then at the little tagline, healthcare writers for healthcare companies, that’s, it couldn’t be more simpler. What are you, what do you want to be when people just pop there because they got there by accident?

Janet:                                04:44                   Does your immediate profile tell the story of who and what you are? So number one tip, please change your header. And my gosh, if you don’t know what you want and you’re really one of those folks that are a perfectionist and you struggle over everything that your external profile says about you, forget trying to create something, please just pick a beautiful photograph. Pick something of the area that you live in. Pick a local photograph that at least gives people a little feel for who and what you are. Again, avoid those bathing suit photos. Never a good idea. Number two, your LinkedIn profile image. I will tell you that I have had a Selfie as a profile image for probably the last seven or eight years. Why? Because when I step out of the beauty parlor, haven’t gotten my hair done, I feel fabulous and that smile you can tell is natural and I feel great and those are the best pictures I feel like I’ve ever had taken his right after I’ve had my hair done so it doesn’t have to be a professional photograph.

Janet:                                05:51                   As a matter of fact, you’re seeing those less and less. If you look like he just came out of the JC Penney portrait photography and there’s a whole blow back there. That’s a long time ago. They don’t exist anymore. But if that’s what your photograph looks like, time for an upgrade. So again, this is the sign that sells who and what you are, a friendly photographic image and a header that says who and what you are. Now go look at the URL for your LinkedIn page, does it say your name and then about 10 numbers after it. That means you haven’t customized your URL and unless your name is Mary Smith, where might be a little difficult to get a unique URL just to you. Chances are you can go in and customize it. Now my name is Janet Kennedy. I was not the first Janet Kennedy to ask LinkedIn for the URL. Darn it. But I was able to use my middle initial, so my URL is LinkedIn.com/in/JanetMKennedy. So I was able to get my name. Theoretically you should still be able to get yours. Just maybe add your middle initial or maybe add something like RN, MD or some other way to customize the URL so you don’t have all those numbers after it. And believe me, this is all the things that people will see when they come to the above the fold. Just like the newspaper of old, the most important thing is that first impression. So you want a clean URL, you want an upbeat, happy, smiling, please, profile image, and you want a header that says you took the time to do something with your LinkedIn profile. I’m going to have some more tips for you later on networking, but these are the things that I see over and over again that are still incorrect and are really losing you an opportunity to connect with people on LinkedIn. There’s my tip. Go out there and make those changes and oh, by the way, connect with me. You remember what my URL was.

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