Pitchfest Winners Round-Up (allnurses)!

A few months back, our friends at allnurses sponsored a Healthcare Writers Network Pitchfest and we’re happy to say they chose 6 great pitches from our community of talented writers!

Today we want to share those articles with you and invite you to connect with the great writers behind them!

So, without further ado, in no particular order, here are the 6 winning articles:

1. Connecting to Your Focus in Times of Uncertainty by Anne Llewellyn

Nurses are frustrated and leaving the profession at record rates. Maintaining your focus as to why you entered the profession is critical as it will allow you to be successful in your career. In this article, I share tips that will help you be successful during disruptive times…

2. How My Experience As A Teen Mom Shaped My Passion for Obstetrical Nursing by Jessica Rockowitz

As an OB/GYN RN and Health Educator for a low-income clinic in downtown Philadelphia, my passion has always been to serve the underserved. What my patients didn’t realize was how my own experiences as a teenage parent had shaped me into the clinician that I became…

3. Raising the Next Generation of Nurses by Sarah Matacale

As a Mom who has been a nurse in various fields as well as in the stay-at-home arena, I feel a tremendous responsibility to raise my children to contribute and change the world. I have identified many attributes in my daughter that I believe are going to lead to a career in nursing, in some way. I want to foster that sparkle I see in her soul. I want to raise a confident, strong-minded, caring, compassionate critical thinker that may become part our next generation of nurses. How do we do that?…

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4. Because Living Is So Much More Than Surviving by Alene Nitzky

Despite advances in cancer treatment that have led to higher rates of survival after treatment, the medical approach has continued to treat a patient with a disease, and though the disease often goes into remission, a patient remains. Helping cancer survivors restore their quality of life after treatment requires skill and a level of expertise that encompasses empathy, a focus on their quality of life, and is holistic in its approach. Nurses are the ideal professionals to lead this change…

5. Nurses: The Unsung Heroes by Andrea Suzane

Nurses save lives too…. Personal experiences at the bedside that have helped me in my transition from novice nurse to seasoned patient advocate throughout my career. Priceless experiences outlined from helping new graduate nurses gain valued experience and confidence to getting a patient transferred to a major university medical center for life-saving treatments…

6. From NCLEX Failure to Confident Nurse by Carrie Madormo

When I failed the NCLEX, I thought my nursing career was over before it started. Fortunately, this failure was a gift that taught me five important lessons.

There you have them; the 6 very deserving winners of the allnurses Pitchfest!

Once you’ve had a chance to read these downright amazing articles please feel free to reach out to the writers and congratulate them for a job well done!

Encouragement and community are key in the world of freelancing…so go ahead and hit that click to tweet above!!

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