Healthcare Marketing Network Launches Today!

When we co-founded the Healthcare Writers Network Facebook Community in December 2016, our vision was to create a robust community of healthcare writers of ALL DISCIPLINES & experience levels.  A place just for healthcare creatives to support one another in our freelance business and create opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve financial success.

We were wowed by the response from healthcare writers and freelancers from across the globe and humbled by the enthusiastic support from clients and community managers. 

The quality of the connections and conversations in that Facebook group told us we couldn’t stop there….we needed to build something more robust! So yes,  we were motivated by the creativity and passion of this marrvy tribe to take it to the next level.  🙂

Our original vision did not change, it just ramped up 100 fold when we decided in January to take the bull by the horns and build a full-on membership site! Thus, our stretch goal was in front of us and a launch date set!!  And, we made it Facebook official in a FB Live announcement to our group.  YOWZA!

We have been working diligently to develop a community just for freelance writers, authors, and communications creatives.  A place to learn, grow and earn!

Here are some of the AHHHHHmazing features we have in store for you!

Learn Your Craft

Live Training & Events – Virtual Coffee

No one knows everything, that’s why the Healthcare Marketing Network will call on Subject Matter Experts in a variety of fields to come into the network and share their expertise. Business, Marketing, Editing, Publishing… it’s all on the schedule!


Open access to online courses in Writing Craft, Freelance Business, and Social Media/Marketing


Are you ready to get some professional samples for your portfolio? Would you like the chance to get published and build an online presence? Then here’s your chance to pitch your blog post idea and make some extra cash! Pitchfest Sponsors select topics, writers craft their best story pitch, and the winners receive $100 for their completed blog post! Want to sponsor a Pitchfest?  Contact Janet:

Grow Your Freelance Business

Gig Board

Clients and Business Members may post freelance opportunities on the Gig Board from one-off jobs to full employment. As a Business Member, you may respond to posted Gigs, post your own (need help with that big contract?) or even post your services for sale to other members.  Want to learn more about how you can post your content project on the Gig Board? Contact Carol:

Community Forum

Share your expertise, get your questions answered, hook up with writing partners for projects or advice.


Start Energizing Your Career Today!  Join Us Now!



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