Blog Carnival Launch: Introducing the #CarnivalOfHealth hosted by the Healthcare Marketing Network

We’ve started something new because we’re creative like that!

We’re going to start hosting a blog carnival (AKA a blog hop) just for our awesome tribe of writers in the Healthcare Marketing Network Facebook Community.

This will be a great opportunity to network with other members of the tribe, learn from one another, and even gain more traffic to your blog!

We’d love for you to play along, so read all the details below and join us on this fun new adventure!

What Exactly Is a Blog Carnival?

We’re so glad you asked! The best way to describe a blog carnival is a ‘travelling’ blog. Each blog carnival is set up by an initial organizer who chooses the subject consisting of a single post that contains links to a selection of other blog posts by everyone else in the carnival.

Different bloggers then volunteer to host the carnival on their own blogs each week, or month, depending on the carnival.

Writers, bloggers and vloggers then submit their posts to the host for consideration in the next carnival, and the host gathers these submissions and crafts a round-up post featuring snippets from each post and a link back to the published post on each contributors blog.

What is the main topic or theme of this December Pop Up Blog Carnival – #CarnivalOfHealth?

We’re going to talk all about the mistakes we’ve made this year! Well, sort of.

Oscar Wilde, the playwright, once said: “Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes.”

I’ve learned a LOT this year and the most important thing I’ve learned is you can’t live your life by trying to avoid mistakes.

So, instead of ducking new challenges in business or in life because I’m afraid of making a mistake or failing, I’m shifting my thinking from “I’m not ready to do that” to “I want to do that—and I’ll learn by doing it.”  I’ve always had a personal mantra – ‘Just carry your fear right along with you’ – when trying new things….but for 2018, its taking on a whole new meaning in my life.  🙂

Here’s how this plays into our blog carnival topic.

I’d like you to share a story about the journey or the steps you took in 2017 which turned a ‘mistake’ into a ‘success’ in your writing/creating business. Something that you initially thought was a mistake, but you turned it around and it moved your freelance writing craft/business or mindset forward.

Should posts be a certain length?

Since you will be publishing your post on your own website, blog, or publishing platform like Medium or LinkedIn Publisher you get to choose the length, but we recommend keeping it between 700-1000 words to keep things uniform. Be sure it’s your best work and include professional images and formatting. This is important because our goal is to get you lots of new readers!

Should posts include a specific type of media, such as an image that relates to the blog carnival?


What should the post link back to?

We encourage you to include something like this at the end of your post:

This post was written as part of the #CarnivalOfHealth, a Pop Up Blog Carnival hosted by the Healthcare Marketing Network

More great posts by freelance healthcare writers on this topic can be found on the Healthcare Marketing Network blog.

If you are a healthcare freelance writer or blogger and are interested in joining our tribe and participating in future blog carnivals, sign up here to receive notice of our schedule and topics for 2018!

Once the round-up post goes live on the Healthcare Marketing Network blog, we will notify you of the live link in a group message via our project board & you can add that link to the post on your website, as well.

When does the post need to be published by?

Publish your post anytime by midnight CST Dec 20, 2017 to be included in this December Pop-Up Blog Carnival.

Our goal will be to publish the round-up post on the Healthcare Marketing Network blog by midnight CST Dec 21, 2017.

How do I get signed up to participate?

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!

First – ONLY writers, bloggers, vloggers and podcasters who are healthcare professionals, patients or advocates are eligible to participate.

Second, you need to be a member of the Healthcare Marketing Network Facebook Community – its a gated community just for freelance healthcare professionals. Sign up HERE if you aren’t already in the tribe. Its FREE. Want to learn more about this ahhhhmazing community?  Check out a few of the stories from our tribe!

Hired a Coach, Gained a Community – by Melissa Mills

The Value in A Writers Community – by Anne Llewellyn

My Road to Writing and How the Healthcare Marketing Network is Making It Happen! – by Kimberly Jones

3. Once you are a member of the Facebook Community, Make sure you have signed up for our Talent Marketplace & have filled out your profile completely. If you haven’t done that yet….what are you waiting for?  Here’s the post in the Facebook community, with a few directions from Carol to get you started.  

4.  Click here to get registered and to let the team know you will be publishing a post for the carnival. Then we will add you to the project board in our Talent Marketplace and you will receive an email notification to join the December Pop-Up Carnival Gig. The discussion board of the project will contain ALL the details to submit your post!

(Why am I asking you to go through a few hoops?  Because we use our Talent Marketplace (writer directory) and Gig Board (Pinterest-like project board) to connect clients who need quality healthcare content with writers who can deliver.  It’s a great way to practice using the collaboration platform so you can be prepped to land those paying gigs and join our Pitchfests!

Read to Lead

Thanks to our great friend and mentor to MANY Professional Bloggers – Brittney Wilson AKA The Nerdy Nurse.   Brittney gave Carol her first taste of the magic of a blog carnival back in 2015, during the Nerdy Nurse Blog Carnival.  That specific carnival was a round-up of our most popular posts for 2015.  It was a blast to write!  #NurseBlogLove: Nurse Blog Carnival Top 10 in 2015. Right now, that carnival is on hold, but you can still check out some of the ahhhhhmazing content from top Nurse Bloggers HERE

Want to find more blog carnivals in your niche?  Check out this directory!

How to Create and Host a Blog Carnival – A great explanatory post from 2012 from Problogger.

Use a Blog Carnival to Boost Your Blog`s Traffic – SEO

Need a primer on crafting the all-important Round Up Post?  Take time to read this great resource from Zac Johnson:  Expert Roundup Posts: 18 Examples in Different Niche Markets

Keep Calm and Eat Funnel Cakes!

Okay, that covers everything! At least we think so 🙂 If you have any further questions please feel free to contact Carol, she’s our Managing Editor and Textbroker.  Just be patient if she doesn’t reply right away…she’s hosting #MemawMadness this weekend with the littlest of the #BushFamilyOfFour.

Thanks so much, everyone – we’re excited for the opportunity to do something so fun and communal with a tribe that is simply the best! – Carol, Janet, and Janine. 


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