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Quick Win: 5 Ways to Beat Loneliness

Quick Win: Janine’s 5 Suggestions to Beat Loneliness as a Freelance Writer Freelancing can be lonely, but don’t fret. There are hundreds of thousands of freelancers across the country and the globe who are in exactly the same boat and within the Healthcare Marketing Network. Janine Kelbach offers you 5 ways to beat the loneliness […]

A Writers Guide to Surviving a Freelance Famine

The feast and famine cycle is fairly common in the freelance world. Meaning you’re either up to your elbows in deadlines, staring at a screen through blurred vision stemmed from exhaustion or you’re trying to figure out what to do with yourself until the next gig comes along. Since I’m sure you can figure out a thousand ways to fill your time during the feast, today we’re tackling the famine side of the spectrum.

January #CarnivalOfHealth Blog Carnival: Hosted by the Healthcare Marketing Network

We have another exciting opportunity for the members of the Healthcare Marketing Network Facebook Group! Just like last month, we are hosting another Blog Carnival: The #CarnivalofHealth. 

January Topic: Fitness – How to use this topic within your Writing or Blogging Niche
When we hit January, we know that everyone wants to create a #NewYou for the New Year.

Therefore, we wanted to create an opportunity for members to showcase their expertise and experiences by giving the general public information to help them in their journey to get fit and healthy.  Health – related content created by healthcare subject matter experts themselves!  Nurses, Doctors, Social Workers, Pharmacists, Care Managers, Patients and Advocates.

#CarnivalOfHealth: 8 Freelance Healthcare Writers Offer Their Best Advice For Turning Mistakes Into Learning Opportunities

The truth is that all roads to achievement lead through the land of failure.

Every person you admire has walked this road: the Wright brothers, Arnold Palmer, Truett Cathy, Amelia Earhart, Hank Aaron, George Bernard Shaw and Mother Teresa have all experienced failure and learned how to turn it into a stepping stone for success.

Leadership expert Peter Drucker says, “The better a man is, the more mistakes he will make, for the more new things he will try.” Mistakes really do pave the road to achievement.

6 Reasons To Ghostwrite

Sean asked: OK, Group. What are your thoughts, experiences, and knowledge about ghostwriting? I’m still learning. Looking for a good explanation of why a writer would take on a ghostwriting project? Don’t you want credit where credit is due? Anxious to hear your answers.

Join us as we dive in to this great question by Sean!

I think the best way to tell explain why writers take on ghost projects is to cover the reasons ghostwriting rocks!

6 Tips To Success When Working For Past Employers

Lisa commented: I’m hoping I can pick someone’s brain. I work in home health and recently me former employer contacted me about updating the content on their website. She is open to looking at a contract for future services. Any suggestions on what should be included or things I should consider?

Lisa, thanks so much for your question! This has actually happened to me as well and I will walk you through exactly how I handled it!

Trademark vs. Copyright

Revlon O. asked: Can someone tell me the difference between copyright and trademark? I’m so confused. I’ve researched it, but the more I look into the more confused I get.

First of all, this is a GREAT question Revlon! Copyrights and trademarks can certainly be confusing, but they don’t have to be!

A Simple Guide to Citing in APA Format

Alene N. asked: Does anyone know the format for properly citing a YouTube video as a reference? I tend to use APA format.

Alene, this is a great question that I wanted to expand on because many clients prefer APA format and if you’re writing for health publications, they may even require it.