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January #CarnivalOfHealth: Our Writers Dish About Health, Wellness and a Resolution Worth Keeping

As the first month of 2018 winds down, writers from the Healthcare Marketing Network Facebook Community are joining the January #CarnivalOfHealth to reflect on fitness, wellness, and resolutions worth keeping for the New Year.  Studies show that those who regularly demonstrate gratefulness and thankfulness are healthier and happier.

Take the first step to a healthier you in 2018 by reading through these posts and sharing them on social media using #CarnivalOfHealth. We hope that meeting these writers and reading these posts will help get your wellness journey started this year…..or possibly give you some insight!

Blog Carnival Launch: Introducing the #CarnivalOfHealth hosted by the Healthcare Marketing Network

We’ve started something new because we’re creative like that!

We’re going to start hosting a blog carnival (AKA a blog hop) just for our awesome tribe of writers in the Healthcare Marketing Network Facebook Community.

This will be a great opportunity to network with other members of the tribe, learn from one another, and even gain more traffic to your blog!

We’d love for you to play along, so read all the details below and join us on this fun new adventure!

Healthcare Marketing Network Launches Today!

When we co-founded the Healthcare Writers Network Facebook Community in December 2016, our vision was to create a robust community of healthcare writers of ALL DISCIPLINES & experience levels.  A place just for healthcare creatives to support one another in our freelance business and create opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve financial success.

We were wowed by the response from healthcare writers and freelancers from across the globe and humbled by the enthusiastic support from clients and community managers.